The experience of Reda Kerbouche in the organization of the contest of Wiki Loves Monuments

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Exhibition in the House of Culture of Batna (Reda Kerbouche at the left)

The Wiki Loves Monuments began for me in 2013, where I was a simple participant in this contest, which is the world's largest competition in the Guinness Book of Records. I contributed with more than 100 photos from the Casbah of Algiers (UNESCO), Timgad (UNESCO), Ghoufi and photos of the Medracen which is in the city of Boumia in the Wilaya of Batna. That year, my photo of the Casbah of Algiers became 5th in the local contest, and it is qualified for the Arab world and the international zone. The years that followed I became the organizer of this contest, and with my team, we have collected until 2017 more than 2630 photos. In the 14th to the15th of August 2014, I organized with the help of the House of Culture of Batna an exhibition of the winner photos of 2013.

For the preparation of the 2014 competition, I organized two expeditions to Timgad (UNESCO) with 8 photographers. This expedition allowed us to put hundreds of photos in the site of Wikimedia Commons with a free creative license. then I made an expedition to Medracen, and another on May 15, 2015, to Diana Veteranorum (Zana) (UNESCO).

What did not passed well

Reda Kerbouche in Timgad

What remained negative, there are many Algerian contributors who participate in this contest with photos that are not theirs, but with photos found on the internet, which are immediately removed from the site. I faced another a problem, not being able to take pictures of the monuments classified in Algeria in several places, explained to us that it is forbidden without giving us a precise reason, but on the other hand we can take pictures of a person with this monument. I have the impression that he is hiding things from us. On the website of the Algerian Ministry of Culture, the monuments are listed but in my opinion not all (or to update) because, for example, the site of Tiddis near Constantine is not on their lists.

positive points

Reda Kerbouche with friends

The positive points of these competitions for me were to highlight the local heritage of the Wilaya of Batna. and put pictures online so that interested people can use them. Throughout the contest, I met people who were involved in their culture and who love their heritage with whom I became friends. I gained experience both in organizing events of international stature and organizing exhibitions and expeditions. After downloading these photos on the internet, there were people who used these photos in their presentations like students from Poland and France, or as a professor at the Sorbonne who is specialized in translating Latin inscriptions.


I will continue to organize this contest with my Wikimedia team, to have the pictures of all the classified monuments in Algeria on the internet. It could develop the tourism and the economy of the regions where these monuments are, and consequently, the monuments will be protected by the local inhabitants.